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Martes, Hulyo 2, 2013

Bacalhau com natas

bacalhau com natas

Here are a few interesting observations about a very popular dish called Bacalhau Com Natas. Creating cod with cream dishes is lots of fun. The following recipe should help you make the most of it. To start with, you need two bowls and a wooden spoon as well as one knife and a tray. You also need the following ingredients: six dl of milk, four slices of desalted cod, a sliced onion, pepper, olive oil, nutmeg, and two tablespoons of flour, a kilogram of potatoes, two dl Christmas and some salt. Armed with these ingredients you can start the preparation of bacalhau.

bacalhau com natas

This receitas de bacalhau com natas is really quite simple and anyone can use it. The first thing that you need to do is bake the slices of bacalhau with some milk. Once this is done you will then need to cut the onions into small slices and then fry them in a pan in some olive oil until everything turns translucent. After that take the bacalhau and drain it and leave it in splinters. Take the onions and add them and let them cook slowly. Sprinkle some flour and stir with some strained milk. Let the mixture thicken and keep on stirring it. Take a bowl and peel as well as cut some potatoes into cubes.

Fry these cubes in oil and leave them after which you can add the Bacalhau and season it with pepper and salt as well as nutmeg. Put everything in a tray and sprinkle it with some cream. Bake it for about half an hour and then serve it to your guests.

bacalhau com natas

This is all that it takes to make the most of the Receitas De Bacalhau Com Natas. This receitas bacalhau is quite simple and anyone that has a knack for cooking can use to create an excellent dish.